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Wildly Blended The Exotics - Natural General Health & Well-Being

RM 159.00

The Exotics contains powerful benefits from multiple tropical fruits and berries. The formulation provides high dose of antioxidants, which helps to fight against free radical in the body, boosting your pet's immune system while promoting healthy skin and coat and reducing inflammation.    

The combination of the exotic fruits and roots provide a wide array of health benefits:

Anti-cancer effect

Powerful antioxidant

Reduces pain from arthritis and other joint issues

Controls blood sugar

Promotes healthy skin

Supports bowel health and digestion

Rich in fiber

Promotes wound healing

Assists in muscle recovery

Promotes cardiovascular health 


Organic lucuma, organic amla, organic mangosteen, organic carob, organic triphala, organic amalaki fruit, organic bibhitaki fruit, organic haritaki fruit, organic camu camu, organic dragon fruit, organic ashwagandha, organic noni, organic baobab.


Mix with a meal once per day.

Cats: 1/8tsp

Up to 9kg: 1/8 tsp
9.5 - 18kg: 1/4 tsp
18.5 - 27kg: 3/8 tsp
27.5 - 36kg: 1/2 tsp
More than 36kg: 5/8 tsp